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“This Time, Things will be Different.” A Dangerous Phrase Discussed in Latest QuantyPhi Whitepaper.

MILWAUKEE, WI – November 26, 2019 – QuantyPhi released a new whitepaper this week titled, “This Time, Things will be Different.”

In the paper, Daniel McIntyre, Vice President Investment Services at QuantyPhi, discusses how pools of Small Business Administration loans can seem lucrative at first glance, but upon further inspection can create severe underperformance to credit union balance sheets. Specific examples of how improper analysis can lead to unfortunate choices are highlighted throughout the paper. 

“High quoted yields will always attract portfolio managers,” said McIntyre. “At QuantyPhi we understand that with a higher yield there will be a component of higher risk that may reduce the actual return to the investor. Understanding the risk side of the equation will lead to better decision making.”

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