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Buying and Selling Loans

Loan Participations

QuantyPhi believes that loan participations program is an effective balance sheet tool so that you can better manage your credit union’s liquidity. As a credit union service organization (CUSO), QuantyPhi’s goal is to help credit unions create optimum performing balance sheets.

How Will QuantyPhi Help Your Credit Union?

Our online loan participation platform is suitable for any size credit union, loan, or deal volume and streamlines the process from origination to maturity. Whether your credit union is looking to buy or sell loans, the platform allows you to set parameters that match your credit union with the appropriate buyer or seller. 

Buying and Selling Loans

With loan participations from QuantyPhi and LoanStreet, credit unions get:

Infographic that highlights unlimited users, availability, free agreements, proprietary data, and more

  • Unlimited number of user registrations available at no charge
  • Technical support readily available
  • Transparency across all facets that allows for competitive pricing and strategy
  • Proprietary market data used to market to potential buyers
  • Review loans simultaneously with other users to significantly reduce time and expense on due diligence
  • Free standard participation agreement
  • Automated monthly reports and analytics tailored to your key performance metrics transmitted through cloud-based, encrypted data storage
  • Compliant with GAAP accounting standards, NCUA requirements, and CECL compliance

What are the Benefits of QuantyPhi’s Loan Participations Program?

Our fully integrated, online loan platform offers streamlined processes, robust reporting and analytics, and best-in-class compliance to help your credit union grow its income, reduce your risk, and provide more opportunities for growth. 

Our loan participations platform gives your credit union immediate access to hundreds of loan offers with no exclusivity, no fees, and no minimum purchase requirements – all while receiving consolidated monthly reporting of every purchase you make.

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