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SimpliCD Issuance and Investing

SimpliCD is a certificate of deposit1 (CD) program managed by Primary Financial Company, LLC, that enables credit unions to easily invest in jumbo CDs, federally insured by NCUA. Creating a solid CD investment strategy has never been easier. SimpliCD acts at a custodial capacity on behalf of the credit union, passing all federally insured benefits through to the credit union, while the credit union remains the legal owner of the CDs. Manage your credit union’s liquidity risk in a secure environment and keep your credit union compliant with NCUA’s Regulation 741.12. Multiple certificates of deposit can be purchased in amounts between $99,000 and $250,000 at separately insured CD issuers. SimpliCD provides a detailed tracking system that ensures no more than the standard maximum deposit insurance amount is placed in any single financial institution within the program.

SimpliCD offers an issuing program and an investing program.

SimpliCD Issuing

SimpliCD issuing helps CEOs and CFOs manage cash flows and recordkeeping with ease. SimpliCD issuing saves credit union leaders time, reduces stress, and simplifies the job of managing cash flows.

  • Available to a nationwide market of over 3,500 credit union investors
  • Consolidated reporting, recordkeeping, and settlement of funds consolidation in one convenient location
  • Simple and quick fundraising solution
  • Easy access to purchasers
  • Less stressful and less time-consuming cash flow management
  • Tailor certificate amounts and terms to suit your credit union's needs
  • No direct expense

SimpliCD Investing

SimpliCD investing helps credit union managers maximize the earning potential of excess funds, safely and conveniently. SimpliCD enables members to easily invest excess funds in federally insured CDs. The program gives credit unions the advantages of competitive and exclusive rates, and the convenience of consolidated reporting. SimpliCD provides credit unions a one-stop solution to excess-fund investing. Credit unions using the SimpliCD program have access to national rates and a wide variety of issuers. They get one-location recordkeeping and consolidated fund settlements. SimpliCD makes cash flow management less stressful and less time-consuming.

  • Simplifies cash flow management
  • All relevant records stored in one location
  • Saves time and streamlines the recordkeeping process
  • Create a pool of investors to invest funds in a single CD
  • Single consolidated monthly interest payment for all your credit union’s SimpliCD investments

How will QuantyPhi help your credit union?

At QuantyPhi, we are all about solutions, security, and profitability. The SimpliCD program can help your credit union maximize profitability while simplifying your cash flow management and recordkeeping processes. QuantyPhi can show you how to use SimpliCD to your credit union’s advantage. To get started with SimpliCD, work with your Financial Strategist to fill out the appropriate account opening forms.

1 Certificates of deposits (CDs) are federal insured, low risk investments offered by financial institutions. These fixed term, and generally fixed interest rate, investments require members to keep funds allocated to the CD at the institution until the fixed maturity date. Once the investment reaches the maturity date, the member may withdraw the funds along with any accrued interest. A member may withdraw the funds early but will be required to pay a penalty thus losing the benefit of the deposit. There are two types of CDs: basic or traditional CDs and jumbo CDs. Jumbo CDs require higher deposit amounts, but pay a higher interest rate. In some cases, a jumbo CD may carry additional risk as well.