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SimpliCD Issuance and Investing

What is SimpliCD issuing?

SimpliCD issuing, part of the SimpliCD program managed by Primary Financial Company, LLC, refers to the issuing of federally-insured CDs by your credit union. When issuing through this program, your offerings are available to a nationwide market of credit union investors. Along with ease of consolidated reporting, SimpliCD issuing allows your credit union to raise funds quickly and easily.

Why is SimpliCD issuing important?

SimpliCD offers credit unions a simple fundraising solution. With SimpliCD, credit union managers get easy access to purchasers. They get convenient, one-location recordkeeping and settlement of funds consolidation. SimpliCD makes cash flow management less stressful and less time-consuming.

Who does SimpliCD issuing help?

SimpliCD issuing helps CEOs and CFOs manage cash flow and recordkeeping with ease. The cash flow management benefits of SimpliCD issuing save credit union leaders time, reduce stress, and make the job of managing cash flow simpler.

What is SimpliCD investing?

SimpliCD is a CD program managed by Primary Financial Company, LLC, a CUSO owned by Corporate Credit Union Network members, including QuantyPhi. SimpliCD enables members to easily invest excess funds in federally-insured CDs. The program gives credit unions the advantages of competitive and exclusive rates, and the convenience of consolidated reporting.

Why is SimpliCD investing important?

SimpliCD provides credit unions a one-stop solution to excess-fund investing. Credit unions using the SimpliCD program have access to national rates and a wide variety of issuers. They get one-location recordkeeping and consolidated fund settlements. SimpliCD makes cash flow management less stressful and less time-consuming.

Who does SimpliCD investing help?

SimpliCD helps credit union managers maximize the earning potential of excess funds, safely and conveniently. Because it simplifies cash flow management, and because all relevant records are stored in one location, it saves managers time and streamlines the recordkeeping process.

Why QuantyPhi?

At QuantyPhi, we are all about solutions, safety and profitability. As a CUSO of Corporate Central Credit Union, we know credit unions, and our mission is to help make your credit union wildly successful. QuantyPhi’s SimpliCD program can help your credit union maximize profitability while simplifying your cash flow management and recordkeeping processes. QuantyPhi can show you how to use SimpliCD to your credit union’s best advantage.

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