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Our Name

Formed in 2017, the balance sheet optimization CUSO, wholly-owned by Corporate Central Credit Union, needed a name. Like most new entities, the name was to capture the essence of who we are and what we do for credit unions.

We want to emphasize how we work with our credit unions and who we are as people. We also want to communicate what we can do for credit unions to help them perform better financially.

To understand and manage any process, it must be properly measured. Financial performance is no exception. As financial institutions, we must understand the quantity of risk taken and measure that risk. We must also understand the expected return from taking that risk; thus, we quantify that risk.

So, who are we? We want to emphasize how we work, what we are here to do for credit unions and how we align our goals with the goals of our credit union clients. Our purpose, habits and incentives are clearly explained in this research piece on Phi.

Displaying what we do and who we are, we arrive at QuantyPhi. We are proud of who we work for and who we are. The name QuantyPhi tells the world just that.