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Investments 101 Webinar Series


QuantyPhi’s monthly webinar series is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of different investment types. Investments 101 is perfect for those new to investing or those looking to brush up on specific investment types. This 60-minute webinar is jam-packed with valuable information that will help you make smarter investment decisions for your credit union.

Use the button below to register for the Investments 101 webinar series. If you are unable to attend a webinar live, a recording of the event will be sent to you. You can preview each month's upcoming webinar on our Events page.

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Webinar recordings are available for review. Please fill out the contact us form to request a recording.

Past Investments 101 Webinars


Agency Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities - July 2023
We explored the underlying collateral for CMBS paper, the cash flows generated by the securities, and looked at how yeild maintenance covenants work.

Unerstanding Laddered Portfolios - June 2023
Old school methods can help you build solid foundations. We walked through the structure of laddered portfolios and looked at why they continue to be so popular.

Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs) - May 2023
We discussed the different types of CMOs, looked at cash flow volatility, and reviewed what to look for in the underlying collateral. We also explored what positive attributes investors should look for in CMOs and how to spot some characteristics you should avoid.

Mortgage-Backed Securities Market - April 2023
Our inaugural episode kicked off with an overview of the mortgage-backed securities market. We looked at pass-throughs covering pool features, characteristics of the underlying collateral, prepayment rates, and terminology. Attendees walked away with a fundamental understanding of the securities and knowledge of the important factors to consider in pre-purchase analytics.