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Board / ALCO Training

What is training?

Training involves working closely with your Board/ALCO/staff to provide training on asset liability management or other balance sheet management topics. We provide training through one-on-one meetings, live seminars/workshops and webinars.

Why is training important?

Training on asset liability management or other balance sheet management topics is crucial to stay up to date on changing regulations and policies.

Who does training help?

Training helps both you and QuantyPhi. Training will help you better your staff and credit union in ALM and balance sheet management while exposing QuantyPhi to an array of questions natural person credit unions have.

Why QuantyPhi?

As a CUSO of Corporate Central Credit Union, QuantyPhi knows credit unions, and our mission is to help make your credit union wildly successful. QuantyPhi values the availability of information to our customers; therefore; we have dedicated a page that displays helpful industry links, and relevant books along with other reading materials that you may enjoy.

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