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Board / ALCO Training

Working closely with your board, ALCO members, and staff to stay up to date on asset liability management (ALM), liquidity, investment portfolios, and balance sheet management topics is essential for a healthy credit union to flourish.

How will QuantyPhi help your credit union?

QuantyPhi provides training through individual, in-person or virtual meetings; low cost, live seminars and workshops; and complimentary webinars. We also have dedicated webpages that display helpful industry links, relevant books, and other reading materials that you may find helpful. QuantyPhi experts are available to present at conferences, conventions, and individual credit union events. Please contact us if you are interested in booking one of our speakers.

What training topics does QuantyPhi cover?

Introductory Courses:

Intermediate Courses:

  • A Deep Dive into Non-Maturity Deposit Analysis – Understanding Your Members’ Behavior
  • Funding and Liquidity Essentials
  • How to Properly Measure and Monitor Your Credit Union’s Interest Rate Risk (IRR) through Asset Liability Management (ALM) and A-L Model Validation
  • Loan and Investment Security Prepayments
  • Ratios, Risks, and Internal Controls, emphasizing ratios every credit union professional should know
  • The Importance of an Investment Portfolio and Continuing Portfolio Analysis

Advanced Courses:

  • Broker-Dealer Due Diligence
  • How to Develop an Effective Investment Policy
  • Market-Based Pricing for Loans and Shares
  • Yield Curves: Then and Now – What can we learn from the curve?

What are the benefits of training?

Keeping your board, staff, and committees up to speed on the ever-changing regulations and policies is crucial not only to staying compliant, but essential for onboarding and succession planning. Staying on top of best practices for balance sheet management for supervisors and board members can help you look forward and serve members better with a healthy financial position. Contact your trusted, experienced investment specialist at QuantyPhi today at (414) 433-0176 to learn more.