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Who We Are

Like most credit union executives these days, you wear a lot of hats. You're busy beyond busy, and your needs are constantly changing - especially as balance sheets become more complicated and portfolios become more sophisticated. To complicate things further, you may not have the time, tools, and training needed to keep risk and opportunity balanced for peak performance.

But...what if your credit union had an experienced partner that could:

  • Help maximize day-to-day balance sheet performance?
  • Do the never-ending math you don't have time to do?
  • Expertly adjust plans and projections as markets and goals change?
  • Run "what-if" scenarios and strategize for you?
  • Find opportunity on both sides of the balance sheet?
  • Build a balance sheet with strength, flexibility, and stamina?

The constantly changing interest rate and regulatory environment today is compelling credit unions to actively manage their balance sheets more than ever before. Analyzing the potential impact of interest rate risk is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Changes to NCUA's interest rate risk supervision are forthcoming. Prepare for the Net Economic Value (NEV) Supervisory Test which calculates your NEV ratio and sensitivity for base case and +300 basis point stress rate scenarios. The results of the test will be used in part to determine which of the four risk classifications your credit union will be assigned (low, moderate, high and extreme). Are you prepared?

The NCUA has begun to standardize the treatment of non-maturity shares which represent a significant percentage of funding for credit unions. We can help you understand the standardization and how it affects the value you assign to non-maturity shares.

Features & Benefits

  • Experienced ALM experts act as your credit union's risk consultant and advocate giving you assurance that your entire risk profile is captured.
  • Reduce costs by relying on our ALM technology, personnel and our access to market data a fraction of the cost of doing it internally.
  • Make strategy-based investment decisions and model the expected impact before deploying funds.

QuantyPhi is built on the notion that highly motivated staff provide better outcomes for their clients. The research explains how motivation is measured, and just how clients of QuantyPhi can expect to benefit from working with QuantyPhi. Making sure employees and clients are perfectly aligned in their motivation will produce better results and higher satisfaction for clients of QuantyPhi.