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Bond Accounting

What is bond accounting?

Bond accounting provides an easy and effective way to monitor your institution’s bond and other investment portfolio. It keeps track of investments and provides monthly income calculations such as: accruals, interest payments, amortization, and accretion.

Why is bond accounting important?

Bond accounting is an efficient and affordable program that helps to prevent inaccurate entries when using spreadsheet calculations. It enables financial institutions to generate monthly accounting entries utilizing the most current, independent bond pricing and cashflow information from NRSRO's in a timely manner.

Who does bond accounting help?

Bond accounting helps CEOs, CFOs, regulators, and other credit union leaders better understand their institution’s investment portfolio and make more informed portfolio management decisions.

Why QuantyPhi?

QuantyPhi’s bond accounting product is delivered through our web portal and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any device. Benefits of our platform include, but are not limited to:

  • No software installs or updates, meaning you will always have the most up-to-date version
  • Robust accounting and management reports with unlimited sorting and exporting capabilities
  • Archived reports for future access
  • XLS exporting format for easy integration into your institutions’ general ledger or spreadsheets
  • Reporting that allows for pledging and safekeeping tracking across multiple financial institutions
  • Independent third-party pricing and cashflow data from NRSRO

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