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Routine Portfolio Analysis Helps Optimize Performance

Portfolio analysis is a process in which your credit union’s investment portfolio is examined for performance value and potential. The information garnered from regular, comprehensive analysis is used to guide a future course. Routine analysis helps your credit union not only determine areas of concern before they become complicated problems, but it also helps you pinpoint areas of success so you can take timely advantage of opportunities.

Routine, comprehensive portfolio analysis helps you:

  • Deliver more A+ performances more often
  • Pinpoint areas of untapped earnings potential
  • Avoid unnecessary risk exposure

Credit unions often build investment portfolios independent of the balance sheet, acquiring investments as dealers make them available. Reviewing the entire portfolio’s performance on a scheduled basis prevents leaders from jumping on investments that may look like opportunities, but in truth, may throw off asset/liability balance, create unnecessary risk exposure, and steer the credit union away from its goals. When investment managers understand how every component of the portfolio has performed and is performing—from both a capital-at-risk and an expected-return point of view—investment decisions are more likely to enhance performance.

Portfolio analysis helps credit union managers and asset liability committee members make more informed and more goal-aligned balance sheet liquidity/risk management decisions. It helps credit union CEOs and CFOs determine if the credit union is on track to achieve its performance benchmarks. It allows leaders to pinpoint areas that have performed well and not so well, shedding light on what is working and what is not. Regularly scheduled portfolio analyses by highly trained investment and risk experts are key to ensuring performance success.

How will QuantyPhi help your credit union?

Expert portfolio analysis takes time, skills, and sophisticated data processing technology. Portfolio analysis is one of our specialties, and because of that, we can devote more attention and more time to performance examinations than most credit union leaders. We have highly-trained analysts whose sole mission is to find ways to make credit unions more successful. We also house high-powered analysis technology most credit unions cannot afford. Who you partner with for financial services MATTERS. Call QuantyPhi today at (414) 433-0176.

*Securities offered through Concourse Financial Group Securities, Inc. (CFGS), Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Pershing Advisor Solutions, a DBA for CFGS, a Registered Investment Advisor. QuantyPhi, LLC. is independent of CFGS.

**Securities offered through Concourse Financial Group Securities, Inc. (CFGS), Member FINRA/SIPC. QuantyPhi, LLC. is independent of CFGS. Check the background of your financial professional on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.

***For a copy of CFGS’s Form CRS please visit: ConcourseFinancial.com.